How does Real-Time Battery Monitoring Work?

IoT-Enabled Remote Battery Monitoring Systems & Sensors!

Battery Monitoring System

Sixth Energy’s battery monitoring solution is used to monitor various parameters like battery voltage, cell temperature— anytime and from anywhere. All businesses today require a constant supply of electricity. With the exception of a few regions, grid reliability is a major issue world over. When grid power becomes unavailable, it is up to the auxiliary systems like UPS’ to ensure operational continuity. Batteries are the lifeline of auxiliary power systems and also the most susceptible to failure. Having inefficient or defective batteries, is as good as not having a backup system. Battery Monitoring Solutions (BMS) ensure that the system is proactively maintained and fault free. 

Advancements in battery technology and management techniques have been reactive rather than proactive. Advanced capabilities such as software management, and intelligence built into batteries have reduced the failure risks inherent in batteries. An integrated UPS monitoring and battery monitoring solution monitors both the UPS and batteries 24x7x365, correlates data between the two to identify root cause for failures and enables necessary actions to prevent them proactively.

Battery monitoring parameters

Why IoT Based Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

With the advent of the Internet of Things technology, equipment is going from smart to intelligent. This means, every device that has internet enablement is not just pushing data to the cloud, but it is intelligently processing this data to generate actionable insights. These insights can be used to make real-time, critical, and informed decisions. 

Monitoring a UPS/battery bank has the following goals:

Leveraging the unique benefits of IoT to achieve the goals of battery monitoring is exactly what Sixth Energy Technology aims to do

Sixth Energy’s solution for Remote UPS Battery Monitoring is based on state of the art IoT

Battery Monitoring System Architecture

Sixth Energy’s battery monitoring architecture follows an “all-digital”, smart-sensing, and control approach at site with all the sensors, meters, and actuators being digital in nature.

In typical modern operations, the assets are distributed across multiple facilities, covering urban and remote areas. It is impossible to monitor each site individually without significant number of feet on the ground. Even with that, information is prone to errors and inaccuracies. A remote monitoring system simply monitors equipment 24×7 across multiple locations removing human errors in the process.

battery monitoring architecture follows an “all-digital”, smart-sensing, and control approach at site with all the sensors, meters.

Sixth Energy Cloud Infrastructure

Data from the gateways is sent up to the Sixth Energy cloud. The cloud is designed for hyper-scalability with statistical/CV/AI/ML support – which means that it can operate systems ranging from tens to tens of thousands of installations with the same near real-time performance.

Sixth Energy ScaleData Platform is continuously works on the information from the remote site, recognizes anomalies, and flags them with actionable insights into potential causes, and recommendations on corrective action.

Sixth Energy’s Data Explorer analytics system continuously works on the information from the remote site

Benefits of UPS & Battery Monitoring System

Deployment of Sixth Energy real-time remote battery performance management system will lead to

Sixth Energy’s solution for integrated UPS & battery management truly ensures complete real-time management while enabling preventive and proactive maintenance of equipment.

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