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Remote Generator Monitoring System

Smart Realtime Diesel Generator Monitoring Solutions for Industries & Commercial Applications
Made in India
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Power generation reports

View data from all sites on a real-time interactive dashboard.

alerts and notifications

Prevent fuel theft & identify if there is pilferage at site by monitoring fuel fill levels.

save more money

Reduce dependency on expensive service calls and site visits, by switching to predictive maintenance.


Sixth Energy’s Diesel Generator Monitoring solution is the answer to safeguard business continuity. We monitor all the essential parameters to improve the business’s uptime, equipment efficiency, and provide insights and alarms in the comfort of your palm.

Grid power availability is unreliable at best which makes Diesel Generators, as a power backup, an absolute necessity. Sixth Energy’s DG and Fuel Monitoring system ensures that downtime is minimized, batteries are in good health, and diesel levels are at optimum levels.

How Does Our Diesel Monitoring System Work?

Sixth Energy’s IoT based Diesel Generator & Fuel Monitoring solution works through a combination of smart sensors, controllers, meters, and AI/ML algorithms, which monitor, manage, and control the DGs. The controllers enable the DG to be turned ‘on’ or ‘off’ remotely.

how does diesel generator monitoring system works- 6thenergy

The sensors collect data such as fuel levels, battery voltage, oil pressure, engine temperature, generated output power, engine running time, mains and generator voltage and frequency, engine RPM, etc., and send it to our IoT platform, through a gateway. The user can see real-time reports on the dashboard. Our advanced Machine learning algorithms ingest the information and provide useful insights for the user to make time critical decisions. The system generates alerts that can be sent over email/text based on predefined deviations.

Reports Generated by our Remote Monitoring Solutions

Scale Data- Data explorer Software as a Service

Reports Generated by our Remote Monitoring Solutions

The true value of a remote management system lies in its ability to provide actionable reports leading to optimized performance and cost reduction. 6th Energy’s remote management system can be used for fault management, energy optimization as well as performance management of passive infrastructure. While fault management is handled through the Alarm management in the real-time web portal, performance management requires trending of data and identifying patterns and correlation between data.

Sixth Energy’s analytics tool provides various pre-configured reports as well as an intuitive user interface to analyze and correlate different type of data.

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