AI & IoT Based Monitor Generator Fuel Tanks- Drive Down Your Cost, Fuel Theft

6th Energy’s Diesel Management System is designed to work with any Diesel Generator to monitor and provide real-time information on KPIs such as fuel consumption, Diesel monitoring and automated accounting, DG run hours, fuel refills, DG health, and DG battery voltage. Our proprietary algorithms are designed to eliminate variables such as diesel tank shapes and sizes, temperature variations, etc., to provide maximum accuracy in measurements.


We install IoT Fuel sensors & smart devices, on the diesel generator, that monitor various parameters such as –
power generated, battery voltage, run hours, fuel level etc. A gateway device then communicates these readings to our central server over the internet. The Genset monitoring sensors works on GPRS, Wireless or Ethernet technology.

You can log onto the Our 6th Energy web application (or) Mobile App & view generator parameters, create reports, anywhere and any time. All reports include generator status, fuel and maintenance reports etc..


6th Energy’s solution comprises of smart sensors based on hydrostatic/capacitive measurement principle that communicate with our IoT gateway.


6th Energy’s Internet of Things (IoT) gateways act as conduits between the sensors and the 6E Cloud. They have built-in advanced machine learning algorithms that enable control of equipment. In addition, transport redundancy can be enabled in various configurations with a combination of cellular and Ethernet network as primary and backup network, and vice versa.


Data from the gateways is sent up to the 6E cloud. The cloud is designed for hyperscalability and AI/ML support – which means that it can operate systems ranging from tens to thousands of installation with the same real-time detection.

In typical telecom operations, the assets are distributed across large areas spanning thousands of kilometers, covering urban and remote areas. It is impossible to monitor each site individually without significant number of feet on the ground. Even with that, the available information is prone to errors and inaccuracies. A remote monitoring system simply monitors equipment 24×7 across multiple locations addressing this challenge.

6th Energy’s Data Explorer analytics system continuously works on the information from the Telecom Site, recognizes anomalies, and flags them with actionable insights into potential causes and recommendations on corrective action.

  • Greater efficiency
  • Theft (Fraud) Prevention
  • Cost savings
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Precise billing
  • Unrestricted access to information
  • Power generation reports
  • Monitors fuel level & consumption
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Maintains temperature profile of the generator
  • Keeps automatic record of run hours
  • Alarms over email and SMS
  • Alarm history and reset reports
  • Manage thousands of generators on a single platform.

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