IOT for Remote ATM management

Remote monitoring and E-Surveillance at ATM sites!

6th Energy’s commercial IoT solution for remote ATM management simplifies operations by integrating the operational pieces that work in silos – energy management, fire safety, and security. With an integrated approach, our solution provides insights into asset and infrastructure performance, enables identification of energy optimization opportunities, and facilitates real-time intrusion detection.


Up to 20% energy savings 

Higher infrastructure uptime

Enhanced business continuity

More secure business environment

Energy Management

Enhance uptime by monitoring critical parameters for energy sources such as grid, batteries & UPS, and solar cells.

Manage DG performance by automating control, and reduce fuel expenses by managing consumption better.

Control temperature, and automate HVAC usage, lighting, and signage to remove redundancies and wastage of energy.

Asset Management

Remote Smart asset management-6th Energy

Actionable AI-based insights allow scheduling preventive maintenance of assets to catch failures before they occur.

Increase CAPEX savings by identifying asset relocation opportunities & performance improvement.

Enhance asset utilization and control through improved visibility.

Intelligent E-Surveillance

Enhance security and fire safety through remote visibility and AI-enabled threat detection.

Track personnel movement in and out of the ATM with round-the-clock monitoring, image analytics, and automated alarms.

24×7 NOC ensures all parameters and alarms are monitored and all the data is acted on.

Active Deterrence

notification & alerts management

Computer vision-enabled smart cameras with event detection capabilities for threat detection and early warning.

Real-time notifications and alerts from intelligent sensors such as door, intrusion, and PIR, along with siren control.

Two-way, real-time audio communication between NOC and site to prevent vandalism and deter potential threats.

Our smart ATM site manager addresses lack of visibility, security hazards, and site downtime, while enabling operating cost reduction and offering other unique benefits.

Globally proven technology over 150,000 deployments

Real-time images and videos

Wired and wireless communication interfaces

Common open platform for easy integration

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