Smart bank management with iot

Remote management and E-Surveillance for bank branches!

Security of high-value BFSI assets is extremely critical. Loss of infrastructural services such as electricity, cooling, UPS, batteries, or failure of other backup systems, especially in banks, would affect business continuity that could cause damages worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 6th Energy’s IoT solution for banking warrants asset security and performance, and minimizes energy inefficiency and equipment downtime, while reducing costs.


Up to 20% energy savings 

Higher infrastructure uptime

Enhanced equipment health

Smart asset and personnel security

What does the IoT Remote Branch Management Solution do?

6th Energy’s Remote Bank Branch Management System is designed to simplify the operational challenges in a banking branch. It monitors parameters related to energy, environment, fire safety, and security through a network of smart sensors and cameras, and communicates data to a hyperscalable cloud through an IoT gateway to enable a safe, secure, and low-risk enterprise.

Energy Management

Avoid any wastage of power with real-time power consumption metrics for all equipment along every point in the network.

Intelligently enabled automatic switches to keep the facility lit and comfortable while in use and turn on saving mode during non-business hours.

Achieve maximum usage efficiency with automated fuel monitoring, integrated battery and UPS management.

Iot-Banking-Energy-Management-6th energy

Intelligent E-Surveillance

AI/ IoT/ CV Enabled programmable camera for smart buildings

Prevent break-ins before they occur using IoT security cameras with built-in computer vision capabilities, reducing the need for human intervention.

Automated security to safeguard and alert against threats from intrusion or fire using multi-capability sensors such as vibration, motion, smoke, fire, etc. 

Ensure the safety of both monetary and intellectual assets with round-the-clock surveillance and controlled access management.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage the most comprehensive AI-, ML-, and statistical-based analytical engine to identify the effects of failures, and predict and prevent them to ensure business continuity.

Utilize the modularity, configurability, and scalability of the solution to customize and deploy a solution to cater to your business.

Interact with your data and identify opportunities to reduce wastage and automate the process, all done over the cloud.

automation of smart building & banking data analytics

Asset Management

Remote Smart asset management-6th Energy

Ensure SLA enforcement by identifying equipment failures accurately to get a higher rate of ‘first-time-right’ fixes.

Improve asset performance, uptime, and equipment reliability through improved operational visibility.

Increase cash flow opportunities by reducing the risk of stranded assets.

Our smart bank solution offers a truly integrated way to monitor energy, environment, fire safety, and security over the cloud and delivers updates anytime, anywhere on a single screen.

APP-based configuration for all network elements

All-sensors-integrated solution

Advanced AI-/ML-based insights

Threat detection through Computer Vision

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