SMART buildingS automation with iot


Sixth Energy, with its IoT solution for smart buildings, makes it possible for them to talk to the cloud and provide the best amenities for users. It helps analyze building safety, lighting, and HVAC data. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms enable private and public buildings to contribute to newer levels of comfort and imbibe green consciousness.


What does the IoT  Remote Smart Building Management  Solution do?

Sixth Energy’s Remote Smart Building Management System is designed to work either locally or through cloud connectivity to monitor parameters related to energy, environment, fire safety, and security through a network of smart sensors, cameras, and IoT gateways to enable a safe and secure space.

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Eliminate energy wastage with real-time notifications and alarms, accessible from any location and on multiple platforms.

Make insightful and informed decisions, aided by accurate, real-time data from smart sensors, to optimize energy consumption.

Identify and manage excess energy consumption in equipment like diesel generators and reallocate to other areas to maximize resource utilization.

Smart Building- Environmental monitoring

Environment Monitoring

Leverage the combination of intelligent algorithms and smart sensors to estimate the occupancy of buildings, and adjust lights, humidity, and cooling accordingly. Manage the entire building(s) through our cloud-based technology and reduce environmental risks while increasing comfort and productivity of users.

Identify and eliminate health risks by monitoring parameters such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, etc., proactively.

Automation and Analytics

Leverage the most comprehensive AI-, ML-, and statistical-based analytical engine to identify the effects of failures, and predict and prevent them to ensure business continuity.

Deliver additional value by analyzing data to identify trends, and automate routine tasks such as controlling luminosity and temperature levels.

Backed by data, proactively implement measures for sustainable infrastructure; make other improvements to enable users to make informed decisions.

Our solution monitors the energy consumption, and it sends advanced reports daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Safety and Security

Ensure world-class security with real-time notifications and alerts coming from AI-enabled Programmable Cameras and sensors.

With sustained, high-fidelity, and high-quality data, minimize risks from intrusion, fire breakout, and other unforeseen threats.

Set up automated alerts to be sent to multiple receivers such as occupants, emergency services, building facilities managers, etc., to ensure timely response.

Our smart buildings management solution provides real-time information to empower citizens to make informed decisions to optimize energy demand, reduce pollution, and improve overall quality of life, along with other advantages.

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