Remote Telecom tower Management

Remote monitoring and SLA management for Telecom!

6th Energy’s solution for remote telecom site monitoring aims to improve visibility and energy efficiency at sites by harnessing the power of IoT, AI, and data. It provides real-time data for assets distributed over large geographies and delivers predictive, preventive, and actionable insights to maximize savings and minimize equipment inefficiencies and downtime.


Reduce OPEX

Up to 30% energy savings 

Efficient SLA management

Enhanced asset and site security

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Sensors Deployed
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Points Monthly

How can the Remote Telecom Tower Management System help?

6th Energy’s Remote Tower Management System uses IoT-enabled  smart wireless sensors and smart devices installed at the Telecom Site. These monitor various parameters such as energy utilization, battery voltage, run hours, generator fuel level, temperature, humidity, etc., at the cell tower, and detect intrusion and other security threats as well. 


Remotely manage and monitor energy at indoor shelters, outdoor cabinets, BSS sites, and MSCs.

Enhance uptime and control and monitor diesel generators, rectifiers, inverters, UPS & batteries, solar panels, and diesel tanks. 

Control temperature and automate precision air conditioners and HVAC usage to avoid wastage of energy.

centralized remote monitoring asset with iot solution
Centralized Remote Monitoring System

Track power sources, monitor all assets in the site, and schedule preventive maintenance to minimize failures and increase uptime.

Optimize CAPEX utilization by identifying asset relocation opportunities & performance improvements.

Prevent issues such as pilferage, loss of fuel, operating inefficiencies, and loss of revenue and enhance asset utilization through improved visibility.

Access Management

Prevent trespassing, tampering, and theft with AI-enabled programmable cameras and specialized IoT locks. 

Deploy IoT locks to grant access only to authorized personnel by generating temporary access keys that expire after a single use.

24×7 NOC to ensure all intrusion and unauthorized access is prevented and all parameters are monitored.

Iot camera use for telecom tower site monitoring
6th Energy AI/ IoT Enabled Camera

Alert Management

notification & alerts management
Real Time Alert Management

Stay connected with alarms, alerts, and notifications that are available on a choice of platforms such as web browsers, mobile APPs, SMSs, or emails.

Deploy appropriate personnel and ensure timely action through automatic escalation of critical alarms and alerts.

With unrestricted access to all information, view the status of all sites and corresponding alerts on a single screen.

Our remote cell site monitoring solution is designed in-house from end to end, to monitor energy, environment, fire safety, and security in real-time and offer unique benefits.

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